Entomology Statistics

Total number of entomological surveillance days spent by entomological teams in 2016

Distribution of sentinel sites in 2016

Total Number of dips taken at each RDHS area in 2016

Relative density of major malaria vector larvae and secondary vector larvae in different breeding habitats

Mean density of malaria vector larvae in Larval surveys in different districts 2016

Map showing mean densities of Anopheles culicifacies caught in CBHC in different MOH areas in 2016

Total work output of cattle baited trap collections in 2016

Mean density of malaria vector females caught in cattle baited trap collections in different districts 2016

Work output of indoor hand collection technique in different RMO regions

Mean density of An. culicifacies and An. subpictus indoor resting densities

Total man hours spent in different regions in human landing catches in 2016

Percentage of human biting preferences of Anopheles species caught during partial night human landing catches