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about AMC

           A Malaria Free Sri Lanka

about AMC

Plan and implement a comprehensive programme to sustain intensive surveillance and outbreak preparedness, prevention and rapid response for malaria elimination in Sri Lanka and to prevent re-introduction of malaria to Sri Lanka.

about AMC

Travellers to malaria endemic countries have an increased risk of getting malaria and should take the necessary precautions to reduce contracting the disease.


about AMC

There is a scope of work to be performed when a patient is diagnosed with malaria infection. Before the treatment of malaria positive patients, identification of the species of Plasmodium ...

Since the establishment of the Anti Malaria Campaign in 1911 it has been responsible for the control of the disease in the country.
Currently the Anti Malaria Campaign, the equivalent of the National Malaria Control Programme, is a Specialized Campaign of the Ministry of Health and comprises the Directorate and twenty district-level Regional Offices. It functions as a decentralized campaign, the Directorate coming under the purview of the Line Ministry of Health (Central Ministry) and the Regional Offices belonging to the nine Provincial Health Administrations.
The Directorate of the Anti Malaria Campaign is responsible for prevention and control of malaria in Sri Lanka. Strategic planning for the National Programme is a function of the Directorate while the twenty two decentralized regional programs are expected to prepare plans of action based on the national Strategic Plan, for the respective districts. Since malaria transmission intensity and malariogenicity show variations within the country and even within the districts, preparation of annual action plans is a local responsibility.